Enter the forge

Hephaestus, the foremost staking pool on Cardano blockchain,
is launching together with Shelley release of Cardano.
A resilient way to invest made by Serokell, the former developers of Cardano SL.
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No more scaling issues, no more security breakdowns. Cardano is an open-source blockchain and cryptocurrency project that will improve on previous generations of blockchains by allowing easy extensibility through layered architecture. Its Proof-of-Stake protocol, Ouroboros, is based on a formally verified model, and is highly secure. Cardano is built by expert engineers with a scientific mindset and is our candidate for the distributed network that Satoshi originally intended.

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Ouroboros PoS protocol

Ouroboros is the Proof-of-Stake protocol used to verify transactions on Cardano blockchain. Time on the Cardano blockchain is divided into epochs, which are further divided into slots. During each epoch, a multiparty computation process run by the leading stakeholders randomly elects some of the stakeholders as slot leaders for the slots in the next epoch (the probability to get elected is proportional to the stake of the stakeholder). These slot leaders are then responsible for the creation of a block in their according slots (around 20 seconds in length) and receive rewards for maintaining the blockchain.

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Staking Pools

Staking pools participate in the Ouroboros on your behalf. When Cardano enters the Reward era, stakeholders like you will be able to delegate their stake to staking pools and receive steady rewards in return. Delegating your stake on Cardano is easy – you can do that in the wallet with just a few clicks. The funds stay in your possession, and you can revoke your delegation anytime you wish.

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How will you benefit?

You will get return on your stake even when you’re offline. Slot leaders must be online to create a block. If they are offline, no blocks are created and they don’t receive a reward. If you delegate your stake to us, we will stay online on your behalf. In return for a tiny fee, you won’t have to stay online 24/7 and you will get a more predictable return on your stake. By delegating your stake to independent staking pools, you will also diversify Cardano and make it more secure against adversaries.

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As in dark forests, measureless along
the crest of hills, a conflagration soars,
and the bright bed of fire glows for miles...